We wish to share our experiences in utilising the extensive knowledge and expertise that Bernadette Smith possesses in interior design, colour selection and her ability to understand what works and what does not.
We recently rebuilt our Beach House at Moffatt Beach and, as we had used Bernadette on our Brisbane home renovations, engaged Bernadette to:Design the kitchen layout;
Select the colour combinations;
Significant input in the design of the living and balcony areas which integrated with the kitchen; and
Provide valuable input in the co-ordination of the various trades required to deliver a quality outcome.

The results were outstanding with glowing acknowledgement from everyone who visited our home. What we asked for from Bernadette was to help us to establish an open plan beach house which gives bright, breezy colours and associated fixtures.
We could not have been happier with the efforts of Bernadette. Her knowledge of what combinations and colour schemes work and her totally professional approach taken during this most recent project.

Tony & Gayle Boddice