How many properties have you done ?

To be honest, we have lost count, but it is well into the thousands

How long does a consultation take ?

It depends on the scope of the project.  For budgetary purposes, for a typically residential interior, you should allow for 1 ½ hours

How do you charge ?

The Dulux Colour Design service is a minimum 1 hour, with 1/2 hour increments after that. Dulux often include offers such cashback offers for using the service . For more information, click on the icon to the right .

For interior decoration projects, we set up an initial meeting 1 hour to understand the scope of the project and then provide a budgetary estimates to complete the project.


Can you recommend a painter ?

Yes, we work with a wide range of professional painters and will provide the details of a minimum of 3 painters. We don’t list the painters here as typically we prefer to match the painter to your particular project requirements.

Generally we recommend using Dulux Accredited Painters and members of the Master Painter Association of Queensland.  To find further information, click on the logos below


Can you do home consults at night ?

It is difficult to gain a good understanding of the natural light at night. Rather than charging customers additional cost to visit the property during the day, we prefer to make onsite consults during the day.

Do you do off-plans ?

Yes.  For the best result, it helps if you have samples of all of the finishes (tiles, work top, etc) that will be used.

Can you do remote consults ?

Our preference is always an onsite consults, but we understand that it may not be financially practical for clients in remote areas.  We have been able to provide assistance to a number of clients in remote locations based on photo, videos and phone calls (check our Testimonials page).  These may take a little longer to complete.