Colour Consulting

Having trouble visualising what your property with a new colour scheme ?

For a small additional cost, we can arrange for photos of your property to be rendered with your new colour scheme. Contact us for more information.

It’s not just the general public and professional painters that utilise our services. Bernadette is also engaged by other design professionals to assist with obtaining the best colour schemed for their clients


Do you live “out the back of Birdsville”, where it just not practical to get someone on-site.

Bernadette has experience with assisting remote clients from all over Queensland to obtain the right look for their property

There are a wide range of factors that can affect how well a colour scheme will work. Sure, there are the factors such as do the colours work together, but there are also a wide range of other factors such as surrounding properties, onsite vegetation, orieintation of the property and lighting. These can impact not only the exterior but also the interior.

I assisted one client livinig on the forshore of Moreton Bay. After painting a substaintial amount of the house, the colour appeared inconsistent between the front and sides of the property. What was actually happening was the monring light was reflecting off the water, making the front of the house appear lighter than the side.

Painting, whether as part of a renovation or not, is a substainial expense to most of us. With most modern paints with a guarnateed life of over 10 years, you want to ensure that the colour scheme that you choose make sense.

If you watch any of the renovation shows currently, they will often sprout that paiinting is one of the easiest ways to improve the selling price of your property. What the often omit to mention, is that there can also be a huge price difference between property with an average colour scheme and one with a great paint scheme.

Have you been watching your favourite reality renovation show and want to adapt that colour scheme to your house ?

Are you a member of a body corporate and there are clashing opinions of what colour the common exterior of your complex should be painted ?


Not sure how to apply those corporate colours to your local office so it won’t be the local isore ?

Want to have a colour scheme that will attract great new tenants ?

From industrial units to Childcare Centres, surgeries to Hotels Bernadette has a wide range of experience if assisting commercial clients

Please contact me to discuss your particular requirements.

Have a look below for some examples.

Multi-unit Residential/Strata /Body Corporate

Low rise to High Rise, single units with a complex to hundreds of units, Bernadette has a wealth of experience producing colour schemes for individuals and body coporates.

You can view my Portfolio for examples

Please contact me for more information